Lowes Benefithub

Lowes Benefithub.

Lowes Benefitshub is Lowe’s Associate Discount Program. As an employee you get discounts on thousands of brands on the Lowe’s Associate Discount Program portal. get deals on travel, electronics, fitness, entertainment & much more.

You can log in to Lowes Benefithub here: https://lowes.benefithub.com/

Log in to Lowes Benefithub with your email address and password. If you are new to Lowes Benefithub, then click on Activate your account, and enter your 9-digit sales ID number, and click on Continue.

Lowes Employee Discount.

Does Lowe’s Offer an Employee Discount?

Yes, Lowes offer a 10% employee discount for all associates.

A Christmas Bonus will giveall Lowe’s  employees a 20% discount in the week or two before Christmas.

How long do I have to work to qualify for a Lowe’s employee discount?

You are qualified for the employee discount on day one of employment.

Can Family Members Use My Lowes Employee Discount?

Besides the employee, only their husband or wife can get the discount. Children do not qualify.

Can I shop online with the Lowe’s Employee Discount?

Yes, the Lowes employee discount can also be used on Lowes.com.

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